Bolt OST cover
The Bolt Original Soundtrack was created by John Powell and features the work of John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, and Jenny Lewis.


  1. I Thought I Lost You (3:37)- John Travolta & Miley Cyrus
  2. Barking At The Moon (3:20)- Jenny Lewis
  3. Meet Bolt (1:51)- John Powell
  4. Bolt Transforms (1:00)- John Powell
  5. Scooter Chase (2:31)- John Powell
  6. New York (1:46)- John Powell
  7. Meet Mittens (1:27)- John Powell
  8. The RV Park (2:16)- John Powell
  9. A Fast Train (2:40)- John Powell
  10. Where Were You On St. Rhino's Day (2:00)- John Powell
  11. Sing-Along Rhino (0:44)- John Powell
  12. Saving Mittens (1:04)- John Powell
  13. House on Wheels (3:09)- John Powell
  14. Las Vegas (2:03)- John Powell
  15. A Friend in Need (1:15)- John Powell
  16. Rescuing Penny ( 3:12)- John Powell
  17. A Real Live Superbark (0:48)- John Powell
  18. Unbelievable TV (1:22)- John Powell
  19. Home At Last/Barking at the Moon(Reprise) (1:29)- John Powell & Jenny Lewis

Other songs not in the score

Although Motörhead has a song in the film, they do not seem to appear in either the soundtrack or the score. Motörhead's song, "Dog-Face Boy" (from their Sacrifice album) is in a mailroom scene where a young worker is listening to it on his headphones and inadvertently wraps Bolt up in a box that gets shipped off to New York City. There are other symphonc songs present in the film, but not in the score.


  • The French version of the song Barking at the Moon is completely different than the English version. The translation of the French version is related to some degree, but translation of the full song will reveal that the makers placed more emphasis on rhyming the French version instead of translating it correctly.